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Trading by using Halal Broker Smart Contracts

  • Predetermined rules for execution
  • No involvement; no intermediary
  • Halal, Customized, Smart Contracts
  • Financial Solutions

Our Token: $HBT

$HBT is based on 4 principles:

  • Lightweight; No rewards, staking or interest
  • Affordability; Cheaper in the Ecosystem
  • One-time mint policy; No more $HBT minted
  • Cardano level of safety and security
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Financial Products

Halal Broker runs on the {Cardano} Blockchain

  • Halal Broker Token ($HBT)
  • $HBT Token Info at {Cardano Assets}
  • Halal Broker Smart Contracts (Q3-2021)
  • Halal Swap (Q4-2021)

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